Orangery Group

Brand Identity for a  Bangalore-based chain of premium service apartments.



Who was the client?

A renowned orthopedic specialist based in Bangalore, with a large number of clients coming for treatment from out of the country. As most clients needed to stay in the city for the treatment period that consists of a few days at minimum, he wanted to create a chain of service apartments across the city that was like a “home away from home”.


What was the brief?

A brand needed to be created for the chain. A brand that would be an extension of the care and support provided at the treatment centre. While in no way connected, the brand had to reflect the level of service, compassion, and understanding that was delivered at the treatment centre. The name, identity, and look and feel had to give customers the feeling of being cared for, while conveying comfort of home.


What we did:

Developing the Brand name

The brand needed to be developed from scratch, including the name. The client wanted the brand name to convey care, nurture, rest and relaxation; things that one seeks in the comfort of their home.

After much research and testing, the name Orangery was chosen. “An orangery was a room or a dedicated building on the grounds of fashionable residences from the 17th to the 19th centuries where orange and other fruit trees were protected during the winter, similar to a greenhouse or conservatory.”

As a brand that aims to provide customers with stay that is as good as being an extension of their home, the name Orangery was a perfect fit.

Designing the Logo

With the intention of keeping things simple and direct, we designed a logo that includes an abstracted orange having multiple layers, textures, and colours.

The logo gave direction to the other brand elements and visual language. One colour being orange, the other had to be subtle, hence grey was chosen, which perfectly complements the brighter orange colour.

Additionally, as Orangery was to be established as a chain of service apartments, across Bangalore, we developed versions of the logo for each location, consistent with the look and feel of the group logo.


How we helped:

A strong and meaningful brand identity ensures consistency across customer touch points, aids in brand recall, and facilitates developing clear Brand Architecture for expansion and diversification.



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Crockery-with logoCrockery-with logo
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