We love compelling brands, products and service's, thats why we hand pick the clients we most admire and strive to form long lasting relationships with. A young and ambitious studio, Design Totke was established in 2013 and has moved from strength to strength to work for clients globally on a range of scales. We love to attract forward thinking clients and tastemakers to produce design outcomes and collaborations that amplify existing brands and ensure that new start-ups are strategically thought out and break the moulds of their given sector.




Our services



Development & research

Logo formation

Strategy & placement

Brand campaigns & application

Visual Language



Print Design:

Stationery & promotional

Signage & environment


Editorial design



User Experience Design

User Interface Design

Website Design & Build

Web Development

Online Marketing


Bold, diverse, and extremely passionate individuals.

An agency can only be as strong as its people. Because of this, we hire individuals who hunger for new challenges and embrace the unknown. We use our combined personal experiences and interests to inform our own brand values and company offerings. 

Our Founder: Avantika Poddar Arya has 8 years experience in design. She has graduated from Srishti School of Art Design and Technology in Visual communication design. She has always belived in problem solving for her clients. Her approach is more to be business partners to her clients versuses being a service provider. This approach has led to the success of Design Totke.